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Print & Frame Service



A single photograph, whether it’s a portrait, group shot, landscape taken on your favourite holiday, wildlife, flowers or celebrating a grand occasion, can open the doorway to a myriad of amazing memories. Your photos are ‘gold’ and at 212m we can help you bring them to life using an array of photographic software before printing archival grade prints from our Epson 9900 HDR wide format printer.  As we only frame photographs we prefer to use conservation standard processes and materials ensuring the longevity of your photographic artwork.

Whether you are a professional photographer, an enthusiastic amateur or just take an occasional photograph come and talk to us about our Personalised Photographic Printing and Framing Service.


212m Printing Service

Print Ready Service:  The digital image is supplied to 212m ready to print at the size, quality and resolution required.

Image Only Service:  The digital image is supplied to 212m but may not be ready to print. The image will be manipulated (cropping as discussed with you, enlarged to your specifications, removal of dust spots or other distractions and other adjustments as required) prior to printing. If the desired quality appropriate to the print size requested by you cannot be achieved 212m will contact you prior to printing.


Printing:  All prints will be made using an Epson Stylus Pro 9900 large format printer, capable of printing images up to 1118mm (44” ) wide.  The printer uses Epson Ultra Chrome HDR (High Dynamic Range) Pigment Inks.  A wide range of media is used on which to print your precious images and you will have the final say on which one is selected.  They include Epson Traditional Photographic Paper, used extensively throughout the gallery, Sterling Fine Art Paper, a selection of Ilford Galerie Professional papers, Megawood Larson Juhl Smooth Palette Matt Canvas (as used throughout the gallery) and other specisalised papers as required.  

Specialised Printing:  We would be happy to discuss one-off or  specialised printing requirements with you should the need arise eg. banners, posters, wall paper, etc.


212m Photographic Framing Service

Being a photographic gallery we have made the decision to restrict our framing services to Photographic Framing only. Our in-gallery preference is to apply, as a minimum, well documented Conservation Standard practices when framing (whatever has been done to frame the photographic artwork can be undone at any time without damage to the artwork itself) and to insist on Conservation or Museum Grade components eg. glass, mat board, foam board, hinging tapes, etc.