212m Photographic Gallery & Studio - First Steps to Better Photography course 2

Oct 12, 2014, 9:38:14 PM

Following the success of the first 212m First Steps to Better Photography course, with all participants being inspired to "think like a photographer" and "use it, use it, use it" Rick Broadway has been encouraged to offer a new and improved First Steps course (running on either a Sunday afternoon or a Wednesday evening) due to commence on either Sunday October 26th or Wednesday October 29th at the 212m Photographic Gallery & Studio in Ballarat.

Even though Rick was very happy with the inaugural course and the enthusiasm with which his students approached the content and the challenges, he has added an extra session, extending it over 6 weeks rather than 5, to ensure that all participants have even more opportunity to improve their understanding of the camera, the influence of light and photographic composition.

If you are at all interested in improving your skills and knowledge of photography this course is for you - regardless of your current level of expertise. You can check out the course details at or contact Rick via email or mobile phone (0419 318 471) if you require additional information.

As each session, either Sunday afternoons or Wednesday evenings, is limited to a maximum of 10 participants you are urged to reserve your place as soon as possible.