• Join 212m photographer Rick Broadway in his latest, intensive 4 Consecutive Sundays First Steps to Better Photography Course which commences on Sunday January 31st and finishes on Sunday February 21st. Then celebrate with him at our Participant Presentation event on Thursday March 3rd between 5.30pm and 7.00pm where you will receive your very own "Most Popular Photograph" mounted print as a memento of having completed the course.

    This course is ideal for anyone with an SLR camera who wants to understand how it works and how to take better photographs more consistently. You have to be enthusiastic, not necessarily camera savvy! However, regardless of your current skill set EVERY participant will be challenged by Rick to ensure their own photography improves.

    Why are we offering the 4 Consecutive Sundays course? Our usual course is run over 8 weeks and has proven to be very popular with attendees. However, we know that some people are time poor or that they are travelling to Ballarat each week to participate (from Melbourne, Geelong, Bendigo and Redbank) and we thought it may help if we consolidated the course into 4 Sundays - with sessions in both the morning and again in the afternoon. In addition to the formal sessions we have also incorporated the ever-popular group Sunset and Sunrise shoots PLUS, for the first time, a Natural Light and Studio Portrait Shoot. Throw in a big array of weekly "challenges" designed to reinforce the course content and it's easy to see that this course is not a watered down option. It will be CHALLENGING, possibly exhausting, loads of FUN, INFORMATIVE, INSPIRING and the beginning of your LIFELONG PASSION for better photography.

    Full details and prices can be downloaded from 212m.com.au

    Contact Rick Broadway via email (212mgallery@tpg.com.au) or mobile phone (0419 318 471) should you wish to discuss the course in more detail.


  • Due to high levels of enquiry 212m photographer Rick Broadway is offering an updated "First Steps to Better Photography" course commencing in May 2015. The course runs over a 6 week period and includes 5 sessions of 2.5-3 hour duration as well as an optional supervised sunrise and sunset photo shoot in Ballarat. Rick willingly shares his knowledge with all participants and ensures that everyone is catered for regardless of their initial ability. Having already run 5 courses over the past 12 months, Rick receives high praise from participants for his ability to engage them and to improve their understanding of the camera as well as their ability to take well-crafted and improved photographs under most conditions.

    As well as offering courses in his tried and true times of Sunday afternoon, between 2.00pm and 4.30pm, and Wednesday evenings (7.00pm to 9.30pm), Rick is also making available a new time, Fridays between 10.00am and 12.30pm, that he hopes may be of interest to retirees, part-time employees or stay at home mums and dads. 

    If you want to know how to get the best out of your camera then this First Steps to Better Photography Course is definitely one that you should consider. 

    All details can be found on our website: 212m.com.au

  • What better way to commence the new year than by finally taking the first step toward understanding and mastering all those little dials, knobs and buttons on your camera.  The revamped and updated 212m First Step to Better Photography Course commencing in February, either Sunday afternoon or Wednesday evening, are suited to photographers of all levels who want to improve their photography and regain their passion for taking photographs.  Age is no barrier for entry to this course and priced at just $295 it represents great value for money with over 12 hours of face to face tuition in small groups, a new group selfie challenge, a sunrise shoot, a sunset shoot, plenty of practical camera technique challenges and all participants receive a printed copy of one of their photographs as a keepsake.


    For all details regarding the 212m First Steps to Better Photography Course (2015) Download the PDF at 212m.com.au or contact Rick Broadway.

  • Lydiard-Street_0167_20130327

    Following the success of the first 212m First Steps to Better Photography course, with all participants being inspired to "think like a photographer" and "use it, use it, use it" Rick Broadway has been encouraged to offer a new and improved First Steps course (running on either a Sunday afternoon or a Wednesday evening) due to commence on either Sunday October 26th or Wednesday October 29th at the 212m Photographic Gallery & Studio in Ballarat.

    Even though Rick was very happy with the inaugural course and the enthusiasm with which his students approached the content and the challenges, he has added an extra session, extending it over 6 weeks rather than 5, to ensure that all participants have even more opportunity to improve their understanding of the camera, the influence of light and photographic composition.

    If you are at all interested in improving your skills and knowledge of photography this course is for you - regardless of your current level of expertise. You can check out the course details at 212m.com.au or contact Rick via email or mobile phone (0419 318 471) if you require additional information.

    As each session, either Sunday afternoons or Wednesday evenings, is limited to a maximum of 10 participants you are urged to reserve your place as soon as possible.




  • 20140708-Buninyong_0004-B&W

    Resident 212m Photographic Gallery & Studio photographer, Rick Broadway, has launched his First Steps to Better Photography Course/Workshop. Starting on August 31st and September 3rd, 2014, two identical courses will be running; one scheduled for Sunday afternoons, 2.00pm to 4.30pm, and the other to be held on Wednesday nights from 7.00pm until 9.30pm. With a maximum of 10 participants in each course, both will include 4 sessions that are held at the 212m gallery address of 212 Mair Street Ballarat as well as a practical photography session at sunrise and at sunset during week 3. These practical sessions are optional, but participants will be encouraged to join in. 

    The courses are designed to cater for photographers of all levels and you are encouraged to bring your own camera along to the meetings so that you get hands on applications suited to your own equipment.

    In addition to the course sessions, all participants will be given a range of photographic 'challenges' throughout the 5 weeks to reinforce the information covered and to improve your photographs. The challenges will culminate in the exciting '7 photographs in 7 days' challenge during week 4 - which limits participants to taking only ONE photograph each day for 7 consecutive days; each photograph being consecutively numbered using the camera's metadata information (which means NO CHEATING)!

    To find out more and to enrol in either of the 2 identical courses you should click on the Course Content link on the 212m.com.au website. As numbers are limited you need to act quickly to secure your place.

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    Buninyong early morning shoot

    Jul 30, 2014, 3:34:02 PM

    Since opening 212m Photographic Gallery & Studio in Ballarat almost 12 months ago I have had a number of people ask, "Do you have any photographs of Buninyong", to which my usual response is "No. I have not driven that far south."

    For those of you who don't know where or what a 'Buninyong' is, it is the site of the first inland town proclaimed in Victoria and was where gold was first discovered in the area, leading to the large Ballarat gold rush of the 1850's. It is situated approximately 10km south of Ballarat and this time of year grey nomads like me tend to head north, not south. Hence my standard reply.

    A couple of weeks ago, that all changed. I had planned a photo shoot with Ellen Eustice (E for short), a budding young freelance photographer in Ballarat, around Lake Wendouree. Unfortunately the conditions weren't favourable for Lake Wendouree due to the presence of a strong wind (read 'freezing gale') blowing from somewhere south of my location (either the Antarctic or, could it be, Buninyong). 

    I was prepared for the worst. Thick coat, scarf, woollen hat, woollen gloves, camera, solid tripod, but no E. She had slept through a number of alarms and her home was just a dark silhouette in the pre-dawn light. Best to leave the young sound asleep than face the terror they could unleash upon a premature waking.

    Decision made. With camera in tow I decided to locate the source of the wind and took that long drive south to Buninyong. If not to find the source itself, then to eliminate Buninyong as a possible suspect.

    Although I only spent an hour or so capturing images in the central area of Buninyong I was pleasantly surprised by its man-made and natural charm. The wind calmed a little as the early hours of morning progressed and I was lucky enough to get some good cloud cover and sunrise colour filling the sky. At the end of my shoot I was also lucky enough to enjoy a well-earned latte at Espresso Depot in the main street.

    At least now, when asked if I have any photographs of Buninyong I can reply, "Yeah, sure do".

  • “Can’t teach an old dog new tricks” - rubbish! 


    Walked in full of enthusiasm, carrying my signature 212m pen, small notepad and Hasselblad H4D50 and 7 hours later exited with a notepad full of key points, diagrams and practical tips, the ‘blad memory card screaming ‘download me and see what I’ve captured’ and even more enthusiasm than I entered with. What a great day!


    For me personally it was time to step away from landscape photography and a reliance on, and self-taught understanding of, natural light in an outdoor environment. I wanted to enter, if only briefly, the world of professional portrait photography; bending, shaping and using studio lighting to achieve a pre-determined look, style and quality. To use my Hasselblad in a whole new way and expand my understanding of this amazing camera.


    In this new world I was keen to enter, who better than Peter Coulson as a guide, teacher, mentor? After a brief personal chat on the phone in response to an email I had previously sent, I enrolled in Peter’s upcoming Portrait Masterclass - “a one day intensive hands on workshop, suitable for all levels”, held in his Koukei Studio in Kilsyth South, Victoria. The maximum group size was 8 and the workshop, held last Saturday, was ‘full’.


    Regardless of their field of endeavor; be it business, sport, health, etc, it is always a humbling experience listening to and watching first hand an expert in action. Their self belief, confidence and enthusiasm for the ongoing development of their chosen field allows them to freely share knowledge, technique and experiences. They don’t fear competition, instead thriving on the challenges it presents. Peter is no exception. No question asked was ignored or trivialized and all facets of the shoot and post production techniques were explained in detail. Hence, my notepad brimming with new-found pieces of wisdom.


    No Portrait Shoot could be complete without someone to photograph. Controlling the use of natural light, shaping artificial light from one or a number of light sources or constructing an image using a blend of both natural and artificial light might be challenging and a load of fun, but it is meaningless without having an end result in mind and a model to bring it all to life.


    Wow! How lucky were we. First we got to work with Rhiannon Tragear-Ragg on some edgy black & white, chrome/metallic overtones, set-ups. Rhiannon was perfect for this look and although she did not show it, she must have got sick and tired of having gusts of wind pushed into her amazing face as each of the 8 participants took turns to photograph her under similar and repetitive conditions. Perhaps Peter should have kept this technique under wraps for the sake of Rhiannon! The afternoon part of the workshop saw a change of model from Rhiannon to Teisha Lowry and a shift in style from black & white to front cover of a colour magazine. Again, Teisha was a perfect subject for this different style. Each ‘look’ brought about by a change in the lighting set-up employed and each new set-up adding to my notes, covering photographs and new-found understanding and knowledge.


    To see some of the images I took during the workshop click here.


    I would like to think I played a major role in capturing them, but nothing could be further from the truth. Peter set the lights and explained post production techniques he used, Rhiannon and Teisha were so professional that they knew what to do without me telling them, and the Hasselblad instinctively knew how to work in this environment. All I had to do was press the shutter release button. Still, someone had to do it!


    As the oldest person in the group (by some many years) I felt privileged to be there. To be learning from the best at what they do, both Peter and his models, Rhiannon and Teisha. To experience first hand the utmost respect and trust that each had for the other and their understanding of their respective roles in making the Portrait Shoot a success. To be challenged in a field outside my comfort zone. To have the passion and the desire to learn new tricks!


    That’s what I love about photography, there is so much to learn, so much to share and so many new images to capture.


    Rick Broadway

    212m Photographic Gallery & Studio - Ballarat