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  • Federal University Australia_School-of-Mines_0112_20130423
  • Fine-Art-Gallery_Lydiard-Street-North_Ballarat_Rain_0014_5_6-HDRP4_20130422
  • Her-Majesty's-Theatre-2_Lydiard-St_0035_6_7-HDR-P4_20130408
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  • The-Unicorn-Hotel_Sturt-Street_0077_20130326


212m Photographic Gallery & Studio

HUGE range of Ballarat & District Images

Even BIGGER range of iconic Australian Landscape Images

UNIQUE range of Blank Greeting Cards, Ballarat Desk Calendar & Digital Ballarat Post Card

GREAT modern Gallery space

Even GREATER Coffee

OPEN Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 5.00pm; Weekends and Public Holidays by Appointment

212 Mair Street Ballarat 

Please contact us via email or telephone Rick on 0419 318 471 to discuss your requirements.


Purchasing your favourite image from 212m

All Ballarat & District photographs displayed in the Portfolio Section of this website are constantly being added to.  They are available for purchase directly from the 212m Photographic Gallery & Studio, located at 212 Mair Street Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. As we print and frame our own images personally we can accommodate most size requests in-house. Quotes are available on demand. If you are unable to visit the 212m Photographic Gallery in Ballarat and are interested in purchasing any of our Ballarat & District images please contact us via email or speak to Rick (Mobile Phone: 0419 318 471) to discuss your requirements.     Rick B